Contactdag The environmental footprint of food: The 'PEF' method in practice

Food Pilot

As a company, investing in eco-innovation such as water reuse, green energy, and more is becoming an essential aspect of a robust and resilient food system. But how do you get started, and where does your company specifically need to focus?

This webinar will explore the 'PEF' method - Product Environmental Footprint - for calculating the environmental footprint of food products. It is based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and was created by the European Commission to provide environmental information to the end consumer in a transparent and scientifically sound manner. It also enables companies to improve their environmental performance in a highly targeted way. In addition, it will form the basis for companies to substantiate green claims and for food companies to label their sustainability information. This will soon be legally required. The Food Pilot assists companies in determining their environmental footprint.

Why this webinar? This webinar is applicable to any food sector. You'll learn how to discover your company’s focal points regarding environmental impact and how to use this information to create a sustainability roadmap for your business. We explain in detail what it takes to put the method into practice. The PEF method creates transparency in the food chain and supports sustainable supply chain initiatives.


14:30 Welcome!

PART 1 - Eco-production – Marie Demarcke, Flanders’ FOOD

PART 2 - The PEF method – Veerle Van linden, ILVO / Food Pilot

PART 3 - CIRCOPACK - First aid towards more sustainable food packaging – Brecht Van Der Hoeven, Pack4Food

15:30 End

Organizers: ILVO and Flanders’ FOOD