Conferentie 50th Western European Fish Technologists Association (WEFTA) Conference


The Netherlands has been active in the WEFTA from the start in 1970 and was host of the very first WEFTA conference. This year we welcome you back to The Netherlands after a 50-year period for a jubilee edition of the annual WEFTA conference. The aim of WEFTA is to be an important platform in Europe for institutions engaged in fish processing, applied food science, aquaculture, seafood technology, health effects of seafood consumption and consumer studies. WEFTA aims at improving safety and quality of seafood on and from the European and other markets through research within this area. Research activities of the WEFTA institutes are coordinated to the benefit of research institutes, the fishery industry, consumers, stakeholders and governments. The WEFTA conference is an ideal place to bring together scientists, students and the seafood industry, for collaborations and to learn from each other.

The theme for this year's conference is "Innovation & Biorefinery in Seafood Production and Processing" and we invite you to submit presentations under the following six important research areas in this blue biotechnology sector:

  • Micro and macro algae
  • Sustainable aquaculture techniques and its impact on product quality
  • Innovative seafood processing and quality
  • Seafood safety and authenticity
  • Blue biotechnology for food and non-food
  • Seafood consumption and consumers

The organization of the 50th WEFTA conference is a mutual effort from HZ University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) and ILVO (Belgium).

Rotterdam, the host city for WEFTA 2022, is a young, dynamic global city, continuously renewing itself at a rapid rate. Impressive architecture, sparkling skyscrapers, an impressive port, trendy restaurants and food markets, renowned museums and awesome nightlife are the direct result of the can-do mentality of the Rotterdammers.

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