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Digitalization: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas

Main research questionDigitization in European rural areas and in agriculture and forestry remains a challenge. The now-completed EU project DESIRA aimed to build knowledge and develop methods to better and more easily assess the impact of digitization.

Research projects

Connecting Humans in the Agrifood INdustry

The CHAIN research project, with support from European Social Fund (ESF), examines the stumbling blocks for digitization and data sharing for employees. How can these be removed in a sustainable way with attention to human capital?

Research projects

Garden 5.0

Relevance/ValorizationThe Garden 5.0 project built mission-driven STEM pathways where the positive impact of digitization and innovating with key technologies such as photonics, robotics, biotechnology and AI are very important. The pathways were written down in handy sheets so that the activities can be repeated elsewhere.


Technology, machine, and stable construction

This hub started as an innovative business network but has grown into a self-supporting, mature innovation hub that focuses 100% on the valorization of digitization in agri-food. Smart Digital Farming provides ecosystem services, develops business cases, tests new concepts and finds financing for these activities.

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