Past events

This archive contains all past events. If available, you can also find presentations, reports, videos and other materials to relive these events.


Contact day

International Symposium on Food Allergens

Past Pacheco Room (Entrance Finance Tower), Boulevard Pacheco 13, 1000 Brussels

Within the framework of Belgian National Reference Laboratory, ILVO, FASFC, Wageningen Food Safety Research and CER Groupe, are pleased to i...


EJP Soil Science Days and General Meeting

Past University of Latvia, Riga
air photo of field with tractors

The European Joint Programme for Soil brings together its consortium (26 scientific institutes from 24 European countries), external scienti...


Netpoulsafe webinar


In this third webinar we will discuss about Biosecurity in the hatcheries: what the egg is going on?


ENERGLIK technical working group on screens

Past WUR - Droevendaalsesteeg 3a, gebouw 100 (Lumen), Wageningen
screens in greenhouse horticulture

For the Interreg project ENERGLIK we organize on 25/04/2023 a first technical working group on screens in greenhouse horticulture. The goal...