Project news DigiHub brings scientists and SMEs together to test digital applications

03/06/2021 Source: persbericht VOKA

In the DigiHub, with ILVO as one of the partners, SMEs can now address questions about digitization, and a bridge is built between the business and research worlds.

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A lot of SMEs seem to have questions around the integration of digital applications. They are specifically looking for advice, guidance and test infrastructure. VOKA has therefore taken the initiative, in collaboration with the ERDF, to set up a digital hub in each Flemish province. This support gives SMEs easy and guided access to the test infrastructure at one of the 28 knowledge institutions, including ILVO. With the help of this test infrastructure, entrepreneurs can test products in realistic conditions and bring them to market faster. They pay 30% of the market price for this. The other 70% is borne by the ERDF and the Flemish government.

ILVO is a participating knowledge institution in East and West Flanders, with expertise in digital applications in agriculture and fisheries/aquaculture. Via the DigiHub, SMEs can ask ILVO questions about the application of sensors, image analysis, data management and Artificial Intelligence, among other things.

"At ILVO Marine, the ILVO branch in Ostend, aquaculturists, fishermen, and companies focused on the processing of marine products can ask questions about, for example, digital monitoring of breeding systems or fish catches, the management and visualization of data flows, and the development of digital measuring instruments for use at sea," clarifies Sofie Vandendriessche, ILVO coordinator for questions coming from West Flanders. Bart Minne, coordinator for East Flanders, adds: "We expect questions around all kinds of digital innovation in all agricultural sectors. We can help with questions around automation, robotization and data valorization to artificial intelligence. For all these technologies we also do product development and testing, supported by our wide range of living labs where we can support companies through co-creation in their entire development trajectory."

That trajectory includes an individual interview, guidance in drafting a concrete action plan, and organization of access to the expertise and infrastructure of the designated knowledge institution. Within the trajectory, there is always a focus on the place of digitization within the business model. In this way, SMEs can move forward with their digital transformation.

Interested? Read more (in Dutch) about the trajectory here or contact us for more information

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