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Publication 24/11/2021

Organic agriculture in Flanders

Red clover
Ook deze keer bundelen we informatie over Vlaams onderzoek relevant voor de biologische landbouw en voedingssector.
Activity 04/11/2021

Food Pilot celebrates 10th anniversary

Mix of pictures from the Food Pilot
10 years ago, the Flemish Minister of Economy decided that the pilot infrastructure and technical advice for the food sector could be expanded significantly. On October 14, 2021 we celebrated this fes...
News | Publication 21/10/2021

PFOS in honey

The problem of PFOS contamination in Zwijndrecht is dominating Belgian news. Many beekeepers are therefore concerned about the food safety of their honey.
Press release 19/10/2021

Agro-Incubator in Nevele launched

Dhont with Minister Crevits
Opening of the research greenhouse and pilot infrastructure for plant research "Agro-Incubator" at Nevele.