ILVO's General Privacy Policy

Why is a privacy statement needed?

ILVO sometimes needs some personal data to carry out its work.

ILVO attaches great importance to respecting your privacy and strives for high-quality processing of your personal data. ILVO ensures that the processing of the personal data obtained is done in accordance with the legal and regulatory frameworks.

This means that we:

• Process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided

• Limit the processing to the data required within this purpose

• Request your explicit consent when required by law

• Have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard your personal data.


This policy applies to IVA ILVO and EV ILVO, referred to as ILVO below.

IVA ILVO is an internal independent agency without corporate personality, established within the Flemish Government by decision of the Flemish Government of 9 December 2005, abbreviated as “ILVO”. ILVO belongs as a scientific institution to the Agriculture and Fisheries policy area.

At ILVO, the decree of the Flemish Government of 23 December 2005 laying down provisions for the supervision of the 2006 budget set up an Own Capital “Eigen Vermogen” fund to which a corporate personality has been granted, abbreviated EV ILVO.

IVA ILVO and EV ILVO together form Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO).

The central administration of ILVO is located at 9820 Merelbeke, Burgemeester van Gansberghelaan 92/1.

In this privacy statement we explain to you which personal data ILVO processes, why and for which purposes we use this data, how we protect this data, how long we keep this data and how you can exercise your rights.

What personal data do we process?

ILVO receives personal data from staff members, employees, external partners, visitors or other groups involved in the scientific research and the general functioning of ILVO. In order to fulfil our legal assignments, it is necessary that ILVO processes the personal data that you make available to us.

Consequently, ILVO may process the following personal data:

• Personal identification information such as name, address, place of birth and date, e-mail address, telephone number, bank account number

• Interaction data such as IP address, cookies, surfing and click behavior

• Footage such as photos and recordings

• Data collected in the context of scientific research

Sometimes ILVO also conducts research based on personal data; ILVO uses the following sources:

• Personal data already collected by the Government or project partners (e.g. accounting data, agricultural data Statbel, one-time registration of plots of land,...);

• Personal data collected by ILVO itself (e.g. information collected through interviews, focus groups, research on practice or demonstration farms and companies,...).

Personal data in the context of research are always pseudonymized or anonymized for analysis and reporting, unless you have given your explicit consent for non-anonymous reporting.

We only use the data we collect for the purposes for which we have received this data. We describe who can access this data and it is also stored and processed in a sufficiently secure environment.

Why do we use your personal data and for what purposes?

A. The use of your personal data is part of our legal assignments.

The mission of ILVO is to carry out and coordinate policy-building scientific research and its related services with a view to sustainable agriculture, fisheries and food production in economic, ecological social and Social perspective. A comprehensive overview of our assignments is available on the ILVO website.

Article 2 of the founding decree (BVR dd 9.12.2005) defines the ILVO mission: "Conducting and coordinating policy-building scientific research and the related services for sustainable agriculture and fisheries in Economic, ecological, social and societal perspective. Based on scientific disciplines, ILVO will build up the knowledge needed to improve products and production methods, to monitor the quality and safety of final products and to improve policy instruments as a basis for sector development and agricultural rural policy. ILVO will regularly inform the policies, sectors and society."

Article 3 § 1 of the founding decree lays down the tasks of ILVO:

'1 ° conceptualizing, initiating and executing multidisciplinary scientific research and acquiring scientific knowledge, depending on policy needs and questions as well as maintaining the necessary contacts with the Government, industry and society;

2 ° Translating the acquired insights into policy;

3 ° The provision of services, based on the scientific expertise, or collaboration with other organizations for fundamental research, applied research or demonstration research, insofar as those investigations fit in with Government policy;

4 ° The provision of services and products to the Government and third parties to the extent that this fits within the mission and the Management Agreement;

5 ° contributing to the formation and training of organizations that share information and support development, in particular the Flemish public administrative bodies;

6 ° Building knowledge and disseminating it, including via scientific publications, research reporting and presentations, and providing the necessary documentation for the Government, the sector and society;

7 ° awarding of doctoral grants;

8 ° The granting of scientific cooperation to international, federal and regional initiatives to enable public authorities to fulfil their commitments and commitments in this respect;

9 ° contributing to the drafting of offers for research by third parties;

10 ° The acquisition and management of capital, personnel, movable and immovable property which can be used for the achievement of the mission and the tasks set out in this decision'.

Article 38 of the founding decree of EV ILVO determines the tasks of EV ILVO

'EV ILVO stands for:

1 ° The provision of scientific research, expertise and services in the field of agriculture and fisheries for third parties

2 ° Research and development towards more sustainable farming systems;

3 ° data collection and scientific advisory tasks in support of the European Common fisheries policy;

4 ° logistical and operational support for quality control in the plant sector '.

Personal data are also processed for other reasons such as for personnel matters and in the context of business operations such as the maintenance of financial administration, in the context of contract management, audits, dispute resolution.

B. What is our legal basis?

From which sources do we collect your personal data?

The legal basis on which ILVO processes personal data is:

  • our legal obligation
  • public interest
  • your consent.

To the extent possible, we use the personal data that you have delivered to us.

In addition, we also receive personal data from other government departments or other project partners. This is how we receive for instance agricultural data from Statbel (Belgian statistical agency), farmer contact details given to use by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries that ILVO researchers use to send surveys or which ILVO researchers use to request cooperation for interviews, focus groups and research on active farms,.... ILVO has the necessary permissions or protocols in this framework.

An overview of the granted permissions or obtained protocols with the categories of personal data can be found here (link to webpage where all permissions or protocols are listed).

The personal data obtained is not kept longer than is strictly necessary. The personal data obtained in the course of the investigation is retained for 5 years after the closing date of the investigation (or longer - until the statutory retention period has expired - if this is required by law and destroyed afterwards. If applicable, if you give your consent or if granted permissions or protocols permit it, the personal data will be retained for any subsequent investigations.

Invoices and contact details for the execution of the agreement are retained for 7 years in view of the tax retention obligation; Some data are retained for 10 years when necessary in the context of European projects.

If your obtained data shall be destroyed while you expect to need the data after that period for a legal claim, we may provide you with a copy of it.

To whom do we pass on your data?

Your data is mainly processed internally. Sometimes ILVO is also obliged to provide information about you to another organization. We will only do this if we are obliged to do so under a statutory regulation, at the explicit request of the judicial authorities or police forces, when you have given your consent or when passing on your personal data is necessary for the execution of our assignment. If personal data is shared in the context of the execution of our assignment, we monitor its processing through a processor agreement. You can request an overview of the processors we call upon.

It may also occur that another governmental authority requests information about you from us. The public authority must have a mandate to do so or agree on a protocol with us. An overview of the permissions or agreed-upon protocols can be found at (link to permissions stating that there are currently no transfers so it may be stated that there are currently no permissions.)

How is your personal data protected?

ILVO takes sufficient technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data. These measures shall be appropriate and relevant in light of the state of the art and the costs of implementation.

What are your rights in relation to your personal data?

You can look at the information we have available about you at any time. If certain data is not found to be correct, you can have it corrected. The erroneous data will be deleted.
If you believe that we are improperly processing your data, you can complain to the Flemish Supervisor (Flemish Supervisory Committee for the processing of personal data) (clickable to You can also ask us to erase the data or to save it but not to use it further.

You have the right to submit a reasoned objection (link to contact form for complaints) against the collection and use of your data. If you wish to submit an objection, please explain the specific reason. This objection will be handled by us in due course.
In the event of a dispute or objection, you may temporarily terminate the processing of your data.

Who can you contact for more information?

For more information you can always contact the ILVO Data Protection officer:

Bart Ampe

T + 329 272 26 56

In order to prevent someone other than yourself from requesting, modifying or erasing your data, we ask you to prove your identity by sending a scan/copy of your identity card.

The processing supervisor is:

Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO)

Burgemeester Van Gansberghelaan 92 bus 1, 9820 Merelbeke

T + 32 9 272 25 00

Changes to privacy statement

This privacy statement can be changed by us. The modified version is always published on our website.