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Beef cattle farmers, their customers, and their suppliers find answers here to the question “what can ILVO do for me?”. You’ll get a brief overview of relevant expertise, analyses, infrastructure, and the professional approach that characterizes ILVO. You can contact the Cattle Information Center for specific services and questions regarding co-creation.

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What does ILVO do?

How does ILVO work?

ILVO aims to support all stakeholders in Flemish pig farming, from the pig farmers, the supplying and processing industry, the distribution chain, to research and educational institutions, government authorities, consumers, and citizens with the above broad palette of expertise and a modern research infrastructure.

Contemporary challenges are handled by experienced professionals. Together with the other parties involved in the chain, they work on customized solutions.

Your point of contact: the Cattle Information Center (in Dutch)

The Cattle Information Center (Rundveeloket) is the ideal point of contact for all questions on dairy or beef farming. Their answers are always objective, independent, and scientifically substantiated. The Cattle Information Center keeps you informed of the latest research results by participating in seminars and information sessions, as well as through publications in the trade press, an up-to-date online knowledge center, a website, and a free quarterly newsletter.

Last, the Cattle Information Center is happy to listen to your concerns in order to translate them into concrete research questions, and to bring the necessary partners to the table.

Your ILVO guarantee

  • Scientifically-based solutions
  • Individual and/or co-creative guidance for innovation trajectories
  • Confidential treatment of your question
  • Clear and easy-to-interpret results that are applicable to day-to-day operations
  • Technological support for various farm processes
  • Specialised analyses in the Animal Marine Laboratory (ANIMALAB)

Specialized research infrastructure

  • Six gas exchange chambers (GECs) for research into cattle emissions (methane, CO2, nitrous oxide, and ammonia).
  • Research barn for measurements of ammonia emissions in cattle housing with straw bedding.

All of ILVO's expertise at your service

ILVO works in an interdisciplinary fashion and has a network of living labs that work closely together. A problem or question is therefore examined from many different angles by ILVO experts from different disciplines. This is guaranteed by ILVO's broad and systematic approach, together with the typical openness of the ILVO culture.

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