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Horticulturists and ornamental growers will find an answer to the question “what can ILVO do for me?” here. You’ll get a brief overview of relevant expertise, analyses, infrastructure, and the professional approach that characterizes ILVO. You can contact the Plant and Soil Living Lab for specific services and questions regarding collaboration.

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What does ILVO do?

How does ILVO work?

ILVO aims to support all stakeholders in the Flemish horticultural and ornamental plant cultivation sectors with the above broad palette of expertise and a modern research infrastructure.

Your point of contact: the Plant and Soil Living Lab

The Plant and Soil Living Lab at ILVO aims to respond to the needs and questions of the agro-food sector. They focus on sustainable, innovative technologies to optimize crop efficiency and at the same time, reduce the environmental impact. This living lab's extensive expertise and infrastructure and a wide stakeholder network make a high-quality, strong, multidisciplinary approach to this research possible.

Your ILVO guarantee

  • Scientifically-based solutions
  • Individual and/or co-creative guidance for innovation trajectories
  • Confidential treatment of your question
  • Clear and easy-to-interpret results that are applicable to day-to-day operations
  • Technological support for various farm processes

Specialized research infrastructure

  • > 200 ha trial fields and an extensive range of rolling field trial machinery
  • > 15.000m² greenhouse infrastructure and climate chambers for research, including for quarantine organisms
  • 50 ha organic trial fields and an agro-ecological trial platform
  • Composting site and compost reactor
  • 'Rainout shelters' for research on drought stress in plants
  • Plant-ecofysiological infrastructure, appropriate software and data-mining pipelines
  • Lab for tissue culture, molecular analysis and microscopy, soil, substrate and plant analyses
  • Belgian and EU reference labs for plant pests and pathogens: the Diagnostic Centre for Plants
  • An accredited lab for spray technology

All of the ILVO expertise centers at your service

ILVO works in an interdisciplinary fashion and has a network of living labs that work closely together. A problem or question is therefore examined from many different angles by ILVO experts from different disciplines. This is guaranteed by ILVO's broad and systematic approach, together with the typical openness of the ILVO culture.

Broad network

ILVO has a broad network in the ornamental and horticulture sectors, from breeders and grower-producers to distributors, policymakers and peer research institutes.

In the Technology Platform for Ornamentals (Technopool Sierteelt) ILVO joins forces with Ghent University, University College Ghent, and PCS Ornamental Plant Research to 1) share research knowledge and expertise with ornamental growers and 2) to ensure that research is demand- and market driven. Quality and innovation are the priorities for this blooming economic sector.

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