ISO 14001 - ILVO's Environmental Policy

Care for the environment is an essential value for ILVO in its daily operations. A substantial part of our assignment includes research to provide the population with high-quality food in a sustainable manner (including preserving our natural resources, climate-neutral, maintaining biodiversity, etc.). ILVO therefore wishes to guarantee that this research is performed in a sustainable manner and with attention to the environment.

We acknowledge our exemplary role in this regard as we work intensively with various universities, high schools and companies. We regularly organize on-site visits and events for farmers, agricultural organizations, food companies and government bodies.

To achieve this for the BELAC-accredited laboratories at the PLANT SCIENCES (340-TEST) and TECHNOLOGY AND FOOD SCIENCE (033-TEST and 033-PT) research units, we maintain an ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system and undertake to:

  • evaluate the environmental impact of these activities and systematically improve environmental performance;
  • give priority to significant improvement actions for our activities;
  • comply with environmental legislation and to comply with other environmental requirements;
  • make additional use of budgetary opportunities for carrying out these improvement actions and also for protecting the environment;
  • in addition to dealing rationally with water, energy and raw materials and reducing our waste, specifically introducing additional measures for both the reduction and production of renewable energy;
  • not only to dispose of our waste correctly and have it processed, but also to reduce the waste stream both in quantity and in harmfulness and to sort it consistently;
  • rationally address our use of water, energy and raw materials and to reduce our waste;
  • respond quickly and adequately in the event of deviations;
  • communicate in a transparent manner with all parties involved in these activities, initially with their own staff as well as all stakeholders such as customers, governments, suppliers and other interested parties.