Event It’s all about data! Opportunities in the agri-food value chain

agri-food value chain

The ongoing digital transformation leads to new ways of producing, new products and new business models for the agri-food sector. The industry 4.0 wave offers significant opportunities and challenges for the agri-food value chain. This is even more important in the current situation, as the industry and the primary sector need to respond to the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and use all means available not only to recover from the damages caused, but also to become more competitive, sustainable, and further increase food safety.

In order to tackle these challenges, reliable and correct data, across the food value chain are needed. Capturing, processing and analysing data are at the core of every digitalisation process. Furthermore, data have to be collected and shared from farm to fork, across the value chain.

This digital shift is not an evident hurdle to tackle and requests the necessary investments, trainings and support, especially for farmers and SMEs.

EIT Food, the ‘Smart Sensors 4 Agri-food’ Partnership and the INNOSUP-01 project S3FOOD are there to support you every step of the way, providing demonstrations and trainings at their living labs, creating trust, matching companies, showcasing real life use cases, etc.

The digital shift wave is here! Take your surfboard and join us! Are you in for the ride?