Project news Monitoring product quality of fruits and vegetables throughout the chain using hyperspectral measurements


Carrying out an objective hyperspectral measurement of the quality of leeks during cultivation, transport and storage, and linking this back to field data and storage parameters: that is the aim of the VLAIO project 'SpectroFood'.

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The growing need for quality products has led stakeholders in the agri-food chain to look for reliable and cost-effective solutions for determining quality during different phases of cultivation, i.e. in the field, during transport and during storage of products. The aim of the SpectroFood project is to propose a methodology to monitor the product quality of fruits and vegetables throughout the entire chain, using hyperspectral measurements.

Within SpectroFood, we investigate how to make a robust estimation of relevant quality parameters with hyperspectral sensors and analysis techniques, including artificial intelligence. For this purpose, the hyperspectral sensors are linked during different phases of cultivation, with field information and storage parameters. The focus of the Flemish partners in this project is mainly on leeks. In a broader European framework, spectral measurements are also used within broccoli, apple, cherry and mushroom cultivation.

The hyperspectral measurements give an objective picture of the quality during the various production processes. They contribute to transparency throughout the chain and further optimization of production processes. This project should lead to an increase in knowledge and competence, and to an increase in the final product quality. In addition, within the duration of the project, a business model will be visualized so that the use of the measuring devices can quickly find application in practice.


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