Our themes

ILVO's research vision defines 8 priority research themes. Together with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, these themes direct the research and investments made at ILVO.

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Healthy crops

Sustainably produced plants and healthy soils go hand in hand.

Societally acceptable animal production

ILVO researches possible future pathways for animal production.

Healthy diets

ILVO helps ban malnutrition as well as an excessive food intake.

Profitable production systems and value creation

ILVO offers tools and knowledge for better business models.

Rural development in urbanized Flanders

In the "Metropolis of Flanders" open space is within everyone's reach.

Climate mitigation and adaptation

Climate is a big challenge for agriculture, policy and research.


ILVO werkt mee aan het uitbouwen van een circulaire bio-economie.

Marine production and the marine environment

Marine production is becoming more important within the blue economy.

ILVO and the "5G" for agriculture and food

ILVO is gearing up its integrated research for agriculture, fisheries and food. In the new research strategy (still in development), our institute uses the term "5G" - five times "gezond" ("healthy") - to guide our research efforts for a healthy agriculture and food production system.

  1. Gezond (healthy) primary production (and catch)
  2. Gezond (healthy) food processing
  3. Gezond (healthy) socio-economic relationships
  4. Gezond (healthy) consumption patterns
  5. Gezond (healthy) environment