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Garré Sarah

Sarah Garré

ILVO researcher and water expert


Main research question

The Garden 5.0 project develops mission-driven STEM-trajectories where the positive impact of digitization and innovation with key technologies such as photonics, robotics, biotechnology and AI is important and necessary in order to respond to several of the United Nations' sustainable development objectives.
The use of transition priorities such as digitization, circular economy and energy & climate are particularly important for the agri-food sector. Climate adaptation such as drought problems are obvious examples as well as the great potential of 'smart digital farming'. The Garden 5.0 project has developed 3 STEM trajectories around the themes of 'water', 'food' and 'life on land'. The routes take place in a garden in the Pajottenland-Zenne Valley region, where there is space for vegetable plots, a greenhouse, a water basin, fruit trees, berries and space for small animals. In this way, the garden is an open-air laboratory where young people are involved in science, technology, engineering and arithmetic in an integrated way at weekly STEM meetings, as a fully-fledged hobby.

Research approach