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ILVO has an extensive network within Belgium, Europe and the world. ILVO is active in many projects. What follows is a short list that you can filter according to sector and/or theme. For a complete listing of all projects that ILVO is part of, go to the ILVO research portal.

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Climate actions with economic potential on farm




In progress RAMBO
At test and demo locations measurements and evaluations will be carried out to estimate the impact of measures on ammonia emissions, animal performance, welfare and health.

Reducing tail docking of pigs

In progress VARKSTAART
Potential (research) approach to reduce/stop routine tail docking and keeping pigs with long(er) tails

Low protein feeding for beef cattle

In progress ELP-BEEF
beef cattle
How can livestock producers provide substantiated evidence for the correct application of low protein feeding of beef cattle as an ammonia emission reduction measure?

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