Research project Fisheries Information System & Tools: Centralization and integration of fleet information in a GIS Application


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General introduction

The VISTools II project focused on (1) the improvement en expansion of the VISTools systeem, (2) analysing the feasibility of upscaling the system to other fishing vessels and (3) analysing the scientific relevance of the gathered data.

Research approach

The VISTools system was improved and expanded by developing a concentrator (robust data centralisation), adding an external sensor on the fishing gear (temperature and depth), and the development of an electronic hold planner (to manage the content of the hold). To analyse the feasibility of upscaling the prototype to other vessels, an analysis was made of the equipment aboard 3 other fishing vessels. Finally, the scientific relevance of the data was explored by developing a decision support tool and integrating the information in existing scientific tools (GEOFISH).


The VISTools system has the potential to offer high-resolution, real-time information to different end users (skippers, vessel owners, researchers and government). To achieve this goal, the system must be made more reliable and the potential of the data needs to be explored in order to find the right direction for further technological improvements on the system. The VISTools II project laid down the groundworks for further development and upscaling of the system.