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Entrepreneurs and employees from the food industry will find here the answer to the question “what can ILVO do for me?”. You’ll get a brief overview of relevant expertise, analyses, infrastructure, and the professional approach that characterizes ILVO. For more information and specific questions, please contact the Food Pilot, a joint project of ILVO and Flanders’ FOOD.

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What does ILVO do?

How does ILVO work?

With the above broad range of expertise and a modern research infrastructure, ILVO wants to support companies in the agri-food sector. We help you with questions such as:

  • I want to scale up my production - which production technology do I need?
  • What is the shelf life of my product? Can I improve it?
  • What should be on the label? What is the nutritional value of my product?
  • I have a problem with Salmonella and Listeria. How can I clean and disinfect my production environment to avoid contamination?
  • How can I prove that my product does not contain residues, GMOs or allergens?
  • ..

For food companies small and large

Every year, ILVO and the Food Pilot carry out more than 500 nutritional trials and more than 20,000 nutritional analyses for over 400 businesses, laboratories, and government authorities. Large businesses, small businesses, start-ups, and on-farm food processors are welcome.

ILVO helps you find any available subsidies, even if your company is located outside of Belgium. There is a specific subsidy channel for on-farm food processors, i.e. the ‘KRATOS innovation support for on-farm food processors’ (NL). This allows you to purchase services from the Food Pilot worth up to €1,500, e.g. for assistance in the development of a new recipe or the improvement of a processing procedure or product.

Watch a video about this KRATOS support and what it can do for an on-farm food processor below (NL), or read the KRATOS informational leaflet (NL).

Your ILVO and Food Pilot guarantee

  • Free intake interview, during which we analyze your problem and formulate the initial advice on the necessary steps, production equipment, recipes, and points of attention
  • 80 nutritionists and over 300 experts in the broad agri-food sector
  • Scientifically substantiated solutions that can be used in YOUR business
  • Confidential handling of your question
  • Possibility to take advantage of different subsidies

Watch a video about the Food Pilot below (NL) or read the Food Pilot leaflet about its success stories (NL)

All ILVO expertises at your service

ILVO works in an interdisciplinary fashion and has a network of living labs that work closely together. A problem or question is therefore examined from many different angles by ILVO experts from different disciplines. This is guaranteed by ILVO's broad and systematic approach, together with the typical openness of the ILVO culture.

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