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Organic growers, livestock farmers, their customers, and their suppliers will find an answer to the question “what can ILVO do for me?” here. You’ll get a brief overview of relevant expertise, analyses, infrastructure, and the professional approach that characterizes ILVO. You can contact the Agroecology and Organic Agriculture Living Lab (LLAEBIO) for questions regarding partnerships.


What does ILVO do?

How does ILVO work?

ILVO conducts research for the organic agriculture and horticulture sector through project operation and with its own resources. When setting up research and knowledge exchange activities for the organic sector, ILVO bases this on the specific questions and needs of parties in the agrifood sector. The parties are actively involved in all phases, from the development of the project idea to the research phase, and validating and implementing the results in practice.

Your point of contact: LLAEBIO

The Living Lab Agroecology and Organic Farming (LLAEBIO) wants to play an important role in facilitating new research projects, demo days, and workshops. It brings farmers, researchers, consultants, and other parties in the sector into contact with each other and starts working with them.

Your ILVO guarantee

  • Scientifically-based solutions
  • Individual and/or co-creative guidance for innovation trajectories
  • Confidential treatment of your question
  • Clear and easy-to-interpret results that are applicable to day-to-day operations
  • Technological support for various farm processes

All ILVO expertises at your service

ILVO works in an interdisciplinary fashion and has a network of living labs that work closely together. A problem or question is therefore examined from many different angles by ILVO experts from different disciplines. This is guaranteed by ILVO's broad and systematic approach, together with the typical openness of the ILVO culture

Wide network

ILVO works well with organic (short-chain) practical businesses for specific field trials and for business support. For example, there is an exchange of organic manure and feed with a local, organic goat farm. In addition, ILVO is working with organic grower Felix de Bousies (PHAE business) and agricultural consultant and researcher Alain Peeters (RHEA) to build an agroecology pilot platform of 50 ha in Hansbeke.

These partnerships offer a lot of perspectives, both in the terms of experimental space and in the terms of knowledge building. In addition, ILVO uses the platform and the Living Lab to build a learning network on agroecology and organic agriculture in Flanders and abroad.

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