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Animal welfare

Research into the optimal housing and management of pigs, cattle, poultry and rabbits alike should improve the quality of life.

Linked Research projects: Research on humane methods for killing individual poultry on-farm


Precision livestock farming

... livestock farming system yet. There is a high degree of automation within poultry and pig farms, especially in terms of ventilation control and fe...

Linked Sectors: Poultry and rabbit farming

News | 07/06/2021

Heat plan for poultry

The overall goal of this LA track is to provide the poultry sector with a farm-specific heat action plan. Several measures are recommende...

Linked Sectors: Poultry and rabbit farming


Poultry and rabbit farming

Poultry and rabbit farmers, their customers, and their suppliers will find here the answer to “what can ILVO do for me?”. You’ll get a brief overview ...

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