Co-creation in poultry and rabbit production

Zootechnical trials in small livestockFeed and digestibility trials in broilers, layers and rabbits. More information.Evelyne Delezie, Saskia Leleu

Excretion trials in poultry

Determination of the possible presence of residues in poultry meat and eggs. More information.

Behavior and welfare of farm animals
Behavior and welfare of broilers, layers and rabbits. More information.


Scientific research and advice concerning glucorticoids such as cortisol and its metabolites as classic, non-specific stress hormones. More information.

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Transparency regarding animal trials

In order to increase the transparency of the animal experiments carried out, ILVO, together with the "European Animal Research Association" (EARA) and 23 other Belgian public and private research institutions, drew up and signed the "Statement in support of animal research in Belgium and a transparent approach" in April 2016.

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