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Precision livestock farming

...innovation projects, the Smart Digital Farming business network, and the Living Lab 'Agrifood Technology'. Livestock farmers, suppliers, consultant...



Living Lab Agroecology and Organic Agriculture

...text. Scientists and farmers work together in this regard. LLAEBIO The Living Lab Agroecology and Organic Agriculture (LLAEBIO), led by ILVO, thus ...



ILVO ontwikkelt (prototype) robots, actuatoren en autonome voertuigen. In Living Lab Agrifood Technology gebeurt dat samen met landbouwers.

Living Labs

Marine Living Lab

What? The Marine Living Lab strives for accelerated and sustainable innovation in the blue sectors. Concrete questions from these sectors are picked u...

Living Labs

Living Lab Animal Husbandry

What? The ILVO Living Lab 'Animal Husbandry' aims to accelerate research innovation and valorization and to make it accessible to all stakeholders in ...

Living Lab PA&F

Welkom op de website van het living lab Precision Agro&Food

Living Labs

Living Lab Agrifood Technology

Wat? Agrifood Technology The Living Lab Agrifood Technology helps companies and sectors with engineering agri-food processes. Mechanization and digita...

Living Labs

Plant and Soil Living Lab

What? ILVO's Plant and Soil Living Lab is the new platform for open innovation and co-creation to facilitate collaboration between actors in the agri-...

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