The Marine Living Lab strives for accelerated and sustainable innovation in the blue sectors. Concrete questions from these sectors are picked up and developed into a customized solution or project together with suitable partners. The living lab has expertise and a broad network in the fisheries, marine environment, marine production, marine biotechnology and the blue economy in general.

Expertise and infrastructure

ILVO's specialized labs, aquaculture facilities, experimental rooms and equipment, and access to research vessels, are available for the Marine Living Lab. With its 600 employees, advanced research infrastructure and extensive network of stakeholders, ILVO is interested to hear all your questions.


The Marine Living Lab listens to you, analyzes your question or challenge, and searches together with you for a (high-tech) solution and a concrete project with suitable partners and funding. ILVO scientifically monitors the execution of the joint project. Tailored to your question, confidential, and with a strong network of partners, together we look for solutions.



A trial set-up at sea