Plant and Soil Living Lab


ILVO's Plant and Soil Living Lab is the new platform for open innovation and co-creation to facilitate collaboration between actors in the agri-food and floriculture sectors and to use the knowledge present in all parties for effective innovation. We strive for targeted knowledge flow tailored to end-users. We are your partner in research.


The Plant and Soil Living Lab responds to the needs and questions of the agro-food sector and floriculture. The focus is on the use of sustainable, innovative approaches and technologies to optimize efficiency of production systems while reducing their environmental impact. You can rely on our multidisciplinary team of experts:

  • Soil life, soil management, compost technology, crop substrates
  • Trial field management
  • Phenotyping based on image analysis, modeling of crop growth
  • Innovative crops and production systems
  • Breeding techniques and new breeding concepts
  • Seed technology
  • Molecular biological research, genomics, bioinformatics
  • Biotic and abiotic stress
  • Plant physiological processes and their control
  • Phytosanitary quality control, quarantine organisms, bioassays


To meet your needs, we also have a modern research research infrastructure.


Our wide range of expertise, extensive infrastructure and our diverse network of farmers, field centers, companies and research institutes focusing on breeding, crop protection, agro-food processing and the development of innovative technologies allow for a qualitative, highly multidisciplinary approach. Tailored to your needs and confidential, we search for solutions together.

International Year of Plant Health

Tall male researcher standing in a greenhouse among potted plants with red sticks in each pot