Living Lab Agro-ecology and Organic Agriculture


LLAEBIO establishes partnerships between all authorities, organizations and farmers who want to promote agroecology and organic farming in Flanders. In its activities LLAEBIO strives for more visibility and innovation of agroecology and organic farming in the research world, the agro-food sector and society at large. LLAEBIO develops new knowledge through research but also ensures the dissemination and accessibility of existing knowledge and expertise.

Expertise and infrastructure

LLAEBIO aims to make the best use of the available agricultural area for research on agroecology and organic agriculture. Coordination between the partners of the use of the available acreage is valuable for setting up research in different conditions. Also, investing in cooperation with farms in setting up trials can also further promote the real-life aspect of experiments. This is an important principle of a living lab.


LLAEBIO is coordinated by ILVO and is the contact point for setting up collaborations and activities. LLAEBIO is continuously looking for new partnerships. In all our activities, in addition to a systemic approach, we strive as much as possible to follow the principles of living labs. This means bringing together different types of actors, different scientific disciplines but also different types of knowledge (experiential knowledge and scientific knowledge). These principles allow us to co-create well-founded solutions for very context-specific problems.


A group of people looking at a trench with a person in the trench, explaining the soil properties