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Climate actions with economic potential on farm

...ty and practical feasibility. In addition to individual support, the farmer is guided in a group in learning networks. There he/she gets in touch with experts and fellow farmers who have experience...

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Mission, vision and values

...eaders). CIFAL Flanders helps set the broad outlines, includes ILVO in a larger learning network of organizations that are working on the same issues, and provides targeted input on specific topics...


Organic agriculture

... the terms of knowledge building. In addition, ILVO uses the platform and the Living Lab to build a learning network on agroecology and organic agriculture in Flanders and abroad.

News | 02/02/2023

Resilient farms: who are they, what do they do? the future. Possible solution paths include giving new business models a chance and establishing learning networks." Isabeau Coopmans explains what resilience is and what a farmer can do to ...

News | 20/06/2019

Extending the cow's life span as a climate strategy

Lower methane emissions per liter of milk In learning networks, livestock farmers can learn about young livestock and dry stock management. In April 2017 began the demonstration project on sustai...

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