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General introduction

Individual farmers are coached to take measures that will make their farming more climate resilient and climate friendly.

Research approach

We are developing a climate trajectory that consists of a climate scan and a climate course for a number of companies from three sectors (dairy farming, potato farming and pig farming). The climate scan reflects the company's current climate situation and the areas for improvement. The climate course leads the farmer to implement climate-smart measures on the farm.

Possible climate measures will be assessed in terms of environmental benefits, economic feasibility and practical feasibility. In addition to individual support, the farmer is guided in a group in learning networks. There he/she gets in touch with experts and fellow farmers who have experience with a particular measure, and tips and tricks and practical feasibility are discussed.

Annually, the company is scanned and progress is quantified. We scan the farm’s performance not only in terms of its carbon footprint, but we also consider its contribution to other environmental impacts such as acidification and eutrophication. In this way, we avoid shifting the problem.


Farmers will be supported in their transition to more climate-proof and climate-friendly operations. They are guided individually and learn from their fellow farmers. The annual follow-up is both motivating and enriching. The threshold is very low. 90 individual improvement projects are started. At the end of the project, trained climate consultants continue the work.


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