Research project Developing EU advisory networks on optimal fertiliser use

In progress STRATUS

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General introduction

STRATUS aims to create a network of advisors across Europe to accelerate knowledge sharing on Integrated Fertilization Management. Focusing on precision farming, bio-based fertilizers and soil quality, 48 'best practices' to reduce nutrient losses while maintaining soil fertility are identified. A newly built digital platform, demonstrations and site visits will support farmers to bring this knowledge into practice to achieve the ambition of the 'Farm to Fork' and 'Biodiversity' Strategies.

Research approach

ILVO will perform the systemic feasibility analysis on the gathered fertilization practices. The resulting info sheets will be used in discussion groups to select some best practices that will be economically analyzed. Additionally, ILVO will contribute to the development of the digital knowledge platform, with emphasis on mapping out user needs and developing a methodology to identify fertilization practices.


Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are vital for agriculture, impacting food security. The European Green Deal aims for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, with the 'Farm to Fork' Strategy targeting a 50% reduction in nutrient losses by 2030. Sustainable soil management, precision farming, bio-based fertilizers, and advisor support are crucial for achieving these goals. The STRATUS project targets agricultural advisors because they are key in assisting farmers with optimal fertilization practices and innovation adoption, especially amidst challenges such as the effects of climate change and augmented geopolitical tensions.


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