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Sam Millet

Sam Millet

Expert in pig feed and zootechnology


General introduction

PIGWEB is a European project that was launched on March 1, 2021. This five-year project gathers 16 partners, including ILVO, from nine different countries with the core aim of strengthening the pig research infrastructures community. To achieve this goal, the project focuses on 1) providing and facilitating access to top European research infrastructures, 2) reinforcing a culture of cooperation between the research community and industrial and societal stakeholders, and 3) improving and integrating the services provided by the research infrastructures.

Research approach

The project offers three main activities to achieve the stated goals. "Transnational access activities" will support the scientific community in their access to experimental pig facilities with associated laboratories and experimental feed mills. "Networking activities" fosters a culture of co-operation between research infrastructures and all relevant stakeholders. "Joint research activities" will improve the quality and/or quantity of the integrated services provided by these infrastructuresl.


PIGWEB fully embraces the European Green Deal, the ambition of the European Commission to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The project will play a key role in identifying the levers that can be used to attain the goals of the Green Deal and thus producing safe, nutritious and high-quality food with a minimum impact on nature, as well as addressing citizens’ concerns about the welfare of farm animals.


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