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74th International Symposium on Crop Protection

Anne-Katrin Mahlein (Universität Göttingen, Germany): “Sensors, robots and artificial intelligence for plant disease detection and integrated pest management" Further in the programme, papers allocated to the topics mentioned below will be presented in concurrent sessions.

A14Agriculture EN

This project aims to do so by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with RGB and multispectral cameras and drones that map disease and weed levels in crops. This technology will enable the farmer or contractor to use the right products, at the right rate, in the right places, with efficient disease and weed control as a result. How does it work?

Demo Vision Inspection

Webinar: “AI in Agri-food” In this webinar we talked about the application of Artificial Intelligence for digital image processing. An application example was demonstrated where peppers were automatically divided into two grading classes and sorted out using a parallel robot arm.

Research projects

Animal Welfare Indicators at the SlaughterHouse

Novel sensors and accompanying artificial intelligence decision tools and algorithms are developed and tested to measure these indicators in order to collect data continuously and automatically.


Precision livestock farming

A tool for claw lesion classification is currently being developed using thermal cameras and artificial intelligence. For sows, we have developed a system that measures the weight distribution and thus detects whether a sow is lame on a particular leg.


Precision fishing

That system is being developed by scientists using both classical image recognition methods and artificial intelligence. The software developed is already capable of measuring fish transported on a conveyor belt with an average degree of accuracy of under 3mm under standardized conditions.

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