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Boxwood moth

...d the Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt (PCS) followed during two years the life cycle of the boxwood moth and tested various control techniques. Landeli...



...he organic matter content and by stimulating soil life closing nutrient cycles more biodiversity, including those which are functional for agricu...


Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

... investigates how nutrients and organic matter from waste streams can be recycled to the maximum extent, for the benefit of soil quality and as pla...



ILVO investigates how nutrient cycles, including nitrogen, can be closed with minimal losses to the environment.

The nitrogen cycle The nitrogen gas (N2) that makes up 78% of the air cannot be used in that form by living organisms. To be available as a nutrient, ...



...nsumers are also attaching more and more importance to closing the cycles, and are increasingly demanding GMO-free soy, especially in Europe, which...

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