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Water in agriculture

It often rains in Belgium, and yet, the demand for water is higher than what our groundwater resources and rivers can support. This will certainly be ...

Efficient water use on the farm


Coastal protection

...foreshore replenishment, where a sand buffer is constructed in the shallow water (instead of on the beach as in a classic sand replenishment). ILVO...


Precision fishing

...rovide insights into where and when fish are caught, and data from surface water temperature sensors are particularly valuable to climate scientist...



...stainable to grow. Other crops use more than twice the amount of water that quinoa needs. Quinoa is also a stress-resistant crop that rarely suffer...



...ost. This results in, among other things, a greater risk of flooding, less water infiltration, warmer cities and towns, less CO2 storage by plants ...


Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

... (products of) residual flows can contribute positively to soil structure, water balance, soil life and nutrient management. As a result, they can ...


Nitrogen another, and through different environmental compartments such as soil, water and air. Eventually, it is converted back to nitrogen gas by bacte...

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