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ILVO (formerly RvP) has a long breeding tradition originally focused on local crops. ILVO is a forerunner and a niche player. In addition to scientific research, we also deliver end products for agriculture and horticulture in Belgium and beyond.

This unique combination allows us to work in a multidisciplinary way. With research as the starting point, we can use the most up-to-date (re)production techniques in plant breeding.

As a demand-driven developer of novelties, we respond to current market needs: high-yielding, climate-robust cultivars with improved disease resistance, reduced water requirement/uptake, higher protein content and other quality characteristics such as reduction of nematode infestations.

We invest in cultivars for sustainable production with respect for soil, water and the ever-increasing cost of inputs.

We welcome new challenges: we create new varieties that contribute to on-farm protein production.

The endless patience and commitment of our breeders creates new crop cultivars with remarkable added value.

Our on-site production unit and our quality control program throughout the chain guarantee delivery of high quality basic seeds. Our varieties are commercialized worldwide through sales representatives.

This booklet offers an overview of all of our selections to help you choose the best variety.

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Booklet seeds 2021 - 90 years of research and selection


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