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Soil: carbon sequestration

... as temporary grassland, deep-rooting crops such as alfalfa and red clover, and crops that leave a lot of structure-rich crop residues such as cere...

Research projects

Grass advice

How can we increase the protein autonomy of cattle farmers through targeted advice related to the cultivation of grass and grass-clover?

Research projects

Grassland use in a changing climate

...e, perennial ryegrass and Festulolium), whether or not in combination with clover, more feasible and to incorporate these in Flemish dairy rations....

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ILVO crop information sheets

ChicoryDry beansEdamameCalendula 2020 / 2017Chickpea(Grass)/CloverLentilsAlfalfaMiscanthusOil pumpkinRussian dandelionSoy 2020 / 2017Sorghum(grain) (...

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