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Soy is hot. This crop is regularly used in animal feed in Flanders and consumers are also increasingly looking for protein alternatives in the form of...

Using breeding, ILVO aims to create new and profitable soy varieties for use in Flanders.


Protein diversification in food and nutrition

Study of the feasibility of growing and breeding protein crops such as soy, quinoa, lupin, peas, beans and lentils in Flanders

Linked Research projects: Towards a sustainable and profitable soybean cultivation in Flanders


Soil health matter into plant nutrientsAssociating with plant roots (e.g. with soy)Improving soil structure with positive effects on aerationRetaining ...


Algae: seaweed and microalgae

... protein: from 25 to 60% of the dried product.Just as fish, dairy, egg and soy, they contain all the essential amino acids that people need, in suf...

Research projects

Soy free chicken and pig production

Main research questionTo reduce soy use in animal feed, DEMOSOJAVRIJ raises the question to what extent and which alternative European protein sources...

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