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Soy is hot. This crop is regularly used in animal feed in Flanders and consumers are also increasingly looking for protein alternatives in the form of soy drinks, puddings, and burgers. But the impact of soy imports on our environment is also a trending topic.

Soy Soy? Soy is a subtropical, annual, leguminous plant. The beans of the plant are made up of almost 20% oil and a little less than 80% dry matter, of which about half are proteins. Worldwide, it is one of the most important crops, with South America and the USA as the largest producers.


Research projects

Main research questionThe aim of this Grand Challenge project is to engage at least 1000 citizens and their gardens to help acquire native rhizobia from Flemish soils that are able to efficiently nodulate soybean. We wish to find local soilborne bacteria and funghi that are able to form nodules on soybean plants.

Research projects

Optimal cultivation of protein crops for poultry feeding

We analyze the sustainability of leguminous crops as an alternative to soy.Relevance/ValorizationThe protein fraction in the feed ration of laying hens and broilers currently often consists of soy. Legumes are in theory a locally available alternative.

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Allergen analyses

Contact: Isabel Taverniers ILVO can detect food allergens of vegetable origin (soy, nuts, mustard, etc.) and animal origin (milk, eggs, fish and shellfish) in a variety of samples, a PCR based method (polymerase chain reaction) and/or an ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) based method are used.

Koemelk uit gras duurzamer dan sojadrank

Zie voor meer informatie de publicatie Strategies to reduce reliance on soya bean meal and palm kernel meal in livestock nutrition. bron: Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition, 06/08/2020

Demo Vision Inspection

We illustrated the use of spectrometers and hyperspectral cameras for determining (pork) meat quality and the use of hyper- and multispectral cameras for sorting beans and estimating the composition of soybeans. Webinar: “AI in Agri-food” In this webinar we talked about the application of Artificial Intelligence for digital image processing.

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