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...eve gegevens kunnen landbouwers een beter geïnformeerde rassenkeuze maken.Grassen Grassen worden dikwijls in mengsels uitgezaaid. Het is daarom bel...


Coastal protection

...ders were engaged: Marine plants such as seaweed (field experiment) and eelgrass (lab setup)Mason worms (field experiment and lab set-up), wi...


Soil: carbon sequestration

...ial carbon stockde initiële koolstofstockthe management of the field or grasslandThe role of carbon in the soil In addition to being good for the c...


Drought tolerant crops

ILVO develops new varieties with higher drought resistance with a focus on perennial ryegrass, red clover, and soy.


Ruimte op zee

....0 is studying to what extent mussels, shell tube worms, seaweed and seagrass can play a role as "habitat engineers" in the formation of biogenic r...


Water in agriculture

...nesses that want to purify the liquid fraction of manure to irrigate grassland.Which agricultural sectors consume the most water? Currently, greenh...


Authenticity of food products

...ertises does ILVO offer? Variety- and species authenticity in plant crops (grass, hop) In addition to morphological determination, ILVO has DNA-bas...

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