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OPTimised Integrated Pest Management for precise detection and control of plant diseases in perennial crops and open-field vegetables

synthetic PPPs and assess plant and pathogen resistance mechanisms for successful disease control, (3) Enhance and develop innovative precision spraying technologies, (4) Test and evaluate the proposed new IPM elements under field conditions, (5) Assess health, environmental and socioeconomic impacts and risks of the proposed IPM system.Three sample crops

OPTimised Integrated Pest Management for precise detection and control of plant diseases in perennial crops and open-field vegetables


Healthy crops

Healthy crops

ILVO IS COMMITTED TO: Healthy crops: Diseases and pests The health of plants is mostly determined by the presence or absence of harmful organisms, but also through the sensitivity and defense capabilities of the plants.

The agri-food system of the future must be both ecologically and socio-economically resilient and it must supply healthy food crops and food products. The most sustainable production is achieved by striving for optimal plant, animal and soil health. That is ILVO's goal.

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Lab analyses for plants, soil and substrate

The BELAC-accredited physico-chemical lab for mineral soils, potting soil, soil improvers and crops performs chemical analyses on plant material, mineral soils, potting soil and soil improvers. The lab is also certified by Flanders Government for soil analyses as set out in the fertilizer regulations.

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"At the Plant Sciences Unit, everything revolves around the best crops for the producer, the consumer and sustainable agricultural practices." We produce improved starting material through breeding; this is based on basic knowledge of the plant's genetics and internal physiological processes in interaction with the environment.


Webinar - New at the Food Pilot: ‘High moisture extruder’

Programme 10:00 Welcome 10:10 About the technology – Geert Van Royen Trend towards extruded food on our platePrinciple of the technologyVideo demonstration of the equipment at the Food Pilot10:30 Q&A 10:40 About the applications – Geert Van Royen Preconditions of the raw material: dry matter, protein contentProperties of the extrudateDevelopment

This technique is used to texturize proteins of many different sources. The wet extrudate can then be processed into alternatives for burgers, nuggets or other snacks. In this webinar we focus on the principle of the HME technology, the conditions for the raw material, and properties of the extrudate.

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