Quality assurance

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The Food Pilot and ILVO organize various ring tests, most of which focus on physico-chemical analyses. In order to demonstrably guarantee the organization of these ring tests, ILVO chose to accredit most ring tests in accordance with the ISO 17043 standard.

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A ring test is an interlaboratory study in which analysis results from various persons, institutions and/or devices are compared, statistically anonymously.

They are independent checks on the quality of the analyses carried out. By participating in ring tests, participants can evaluate various aspects such as precision, repeatability and reproducibility, as well as the accuracy of their analyses. Moreover, participants gain insight into the stability of their analysis results over time by identifying trends. For example, systematic deviations can be observed within a laboratory, between methods or between devices.

In addition, the laboratory can compare its performance with the performance of other participants. Finally, it can also show that they are competent to perform the relevant analysis in order to obtain good results. Based on all these data, the implementation and the quality system can be further improved.

Reference series

In addition to ring tests, ILVO also produces reference series. With the reference series the laboratories can check their calibration program and, if necessary, make an adjustment.

Control samples

Finally, control samples, more specifically antibiotic standards (positive control samples) or blanks (negative control samples), can be obtained from ILVO. These control samples serve to check the proper functioning of the used test(s).

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