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Farmer stress and mental well-being

...n. Within that unity, there is a strong connection between stress factors, well-being, and the coping strategies applied. For example, a family tha...


Stray voltage in the dairy barn

...ecome conductive. This is disastrous for the sensitive teats and the cow's well-being. Other causes of stray voltage are mainly insulation or cable...

Research projects

Mental well-being begins at school objective of the project is to develop an educational pathway on mental well-being tailored to the target group of young farmers and students in...

News | 24/05/2022

More than seventy organizations join forces for farmer well-being

... to thank all organizations that have taken on a commitment to improve the well-being of Flemish agriculture. Together we are building a solid and ... ambitious action plan to ensure that our farmers have a better sense of well-being.

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