Research project Mental well-being begins at school

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Main research question

The main objective of the project "Mental well-being starts at school" is to develop an educational pathway on mental well-being tailored to the target group of young farmers and students in the various agricultural and horticultural disciplines in higher education.

Research approach

Through co-creation with young farmers and students we translate the happiness triangle into an educational course tailored to this target group. The scientific knowledge from VIGL and ILVO is brought together and coordinated with the practical knowledge of farmers (Groene Kring, Jong ABS), the aid organisation Boeren op een Kruispunt (BoeK) and higher agricultural education (Odisee Hogeschool).


Within the framework of the action plan for well-being in farming, several individual and group discussions were organized with agricultural organizations and active farmers and horticulturists. From these discussions it appears that in the current Flemish agricultural education there is little or no attention paid to the so-called 'soft skills', such as resilience and dealing with stress. Moreover, the need to train future farmers and horticulturalists in these skills is explicitly mentioned, so that they are better prepared for the job. There is a great need for agricultural education to address the possible challenges you face as a farmer and how you can deal with them. This project therefore responds very specifically to a number of the identified needs in the field.


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