Research project Social innovations for better farmer well-being


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General introduction

This project has now ended. Farmwell was a European thematic network focused on the well-being of farmers, dedicated to sharing and disseminating research findings and social innovation to improve well-being and connect the agricultural sector with the broader society. The project has consolidated relevant expertise and, in collaboration with farmers, identified innovative solutions in various partner countries.

Research approach

In close consultation with farmers, the Farmwell partners identified and summarized the biggest challenges in a national report. Subsequently, an inventory was compiled of existing innovative solutions aimed at improving the well-being of farmers. In Flanders, Boerenbond, Ferm, and ILVO have tested a number of initiatives to make mental health and well-being more discussable in the agricultural sector. The success factors of these and other European initiatives were captured, written down in reports, and disseminated through short documentaries.


Farmwell led to a better understanding of the key social challenges facing farmers in Europe. A database was developed that provides an overview of identified social innovations that can address one or more challenges. The social return on investment was calculated for a selection of social innovations. The lessons learned and recommendations for policy, agricultural, and welfare organizations were presented at the final conference.


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