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Research projects

Identification of the problem and management of the fruitrot fungus Mucor in strawberry

PCH - Proefcentrum Hoogstraten, PCFruit - Proefcentrum Fruitteelt

Mucor infections in the worst form lead to the loss of firmness of the flesh during ripening on the plant, to the extent that the fruit becomes detached from the calyx and splits open when falling to the ground. But usually the fruit rot symptoms become visible only after a few days in storage, at the auctions or only later in the stores.

Research projects

Organisation of a practical phytosanitary survey for Vaccinium berries.

PCFruit - Proefcentrum Fruitteelt

The questions are 'Which pest and pathogen organisms can be identified in Vaccinium that have been or can be imported via the international trade of plant material and fruits? and 'Which preventive measures and control strategies can be proposed based on the EPPO-DROPSA recommendations and the results of this project?'

Artikel uitwisseldag Legcombio

Het doel van dit project is te onderzoeken hoe eenzelfde perceel landbouwgrond efficiënter benut kan worden door een doordachte combinatie van een plantaardige teelt (bvb. fruitbomen, houtproductie,…) met uitloop voor (biologisch) pluimvee. In een optimaal scenario kan dit voor beiden voordelen opleveren.

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