Research project Development of crop-based survey tools for plants pests of fruit trees in the EU

In progress GP/EFSA/PLANTS/2022/05

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General introduction

With this project, ILVO is commissioned by EFSA (Plant Health monitoring) to prepare descriptive Pest Survey Cards for certain quarantine plant diseases and pests that can be specifically on fruit trees. In order to monitor the so-called quarantine organisms ( plant diseases or pests that Europe wants to keep out of its territory through a strict control and containment regime) in all member states, preparations for the inspection rounds are needed so that everyone can act with up-to-date and equal knowledge, and in accordance with international standards and current EU regulations. ILVO (as partner) and CSIC (as coordinator) are assisting the EFSA Plant Health Monitoring team in developing tools to prepare and schedule crop-focused inspections to the targeted regulated organisms in fruit trees (pome and stone fruits).

Research approach

Using the EFSA guidelines, and based own expertise, literature and database searches, the consortium will characterize fruit tree crops affected by reglated pests and prepare plant pests technical reports. Finally, Pest Survey Cards will be prepared. Pest Survey Cards contain up to date information on the pest taxonomy, distribution, biology, plant hosts and potential establishment in the EU, factors associated with increased risk for entry and spread, and detection and identification methodologies.


The EFSA Pest Survey Cards guide the EU Member States to gather the relevant information for the preparation of surveys of quarantine pests in the EU in conformity with international standards and current EU regulation.


European Food Safety Agency (EFSA)