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Precision fishing

...ulture, precision technology and high-tech applications are becoming more and more commonplace. The fishing industry is going through the same evolution: hardware, software and apps are being devel...

Fishing gear innovation


Status of the fish stocks

Where do Belgian commercial fishermen fish? What species do they catch and how much? What is the state of fish stocks in those places, and how exactly is that calculated? When can we speak of a sustai...


Boxwood moth

...(Cydalima perspectalis) in Flanders' (link to PURE), funded by the Flemish Fund for Agriculture and Fisheries of Department of Agriculture & Fisheries. ILVO and the Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt ...


Coastal protection

...d sampling of a foreshore replenishment area in Ameland, the Netherlands. ILVO sampled and analyzed fish and epibenthos - invertebrates living on the seabed - in the impact zone and a reference are...


Soil health

...en sustainable soil management.ILVO works together with the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries to open up soil data via a soil passport. Healthy soil as part of the system Th...



...igital droplet PCR (ddPCR) has numerous applications for, among others, determining the identity of fish, GMO detection and quantification. This PCR-based technology has specific advantages in term...


Authenticity of food products

Determination species/variety (plants, meat, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, fungi, bacteria) based on DNA, proteins and other macro molecules


Algae: seaweed and microalgae

...ulture and aquaculture - in which seawater is used to grow food - is still great. We often think of fish, mussels, oysters and shrimp, but seaweed and microalgae can also be cultivated in salt wate...


Protein diversification in food and nutrition

...s or simply because it tastes good.For conventional animal protein sources such as dairy, meat, fish or eggs, we rely on age-old nutritional wisdom and many decades of study. Alternative protei...


Biodiversity in and on the sea floor

...occasionally spotted here (e.g. certain species of whales, sea turtles, etc.). Among vertebrates, fish and birds are the most common. However, the largest group consists of invertebrates, which liv...

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Fishing industry

Shipowners, fishers, fishmongers, and the parties involved in the fishing industry policy will find an answer to the question “what can ILVO do for me?” here. You’ll get a brief overview of relevant e...


Aquaculture at sea

... the farming of animals and plants at sea - in Flanders. After all, Flemings are major consumers of fish and seafood. Belgium imports 290,000 tons of fish and seafood every year to meet this demand...


Ruimte op zee

... but it is intensively used. There are wind farms, dredging activities, sand mining and, of course, fishing, to name a few. Marine spatial planners try to coordinate these activities, taking into a...

Tools for the fishery


Ecosystem-oriented marine modeling and management

Marine ecosystems consist of ecosystem components (fish, benthos, mammals) that interact in a complex and dynamic way. Models of marine ecosystems are analytic reflections of these ecosystem interacti...

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News | 19/07/2021

Sport fishing for science

The EFMZV-FIVA project Sea(A)Bass is aimed at optimizing the management of sea bass, a fish species that has been struggling for years. ILVO has been tagging sea bass since 2006, and uses the data on ...

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News | 25/03/2022

Fisheries Impact Assessment Albania

This report assesses the environmental impact of the Albanian fishing fleet, which is evaluated with regard to biodiversity, status of commercial stocks, bottom impact, pollution and marine litter. Th...

Fisheries Impact Assessment Albania - ILVO mededeling 283

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Biological fishery data

...ological and ecosystem data with the objective to provide biological advice for the European Common Fisheries Policy. The focus is on the Belgian fisheries and its fished species and areas. In addi...

News | 18/09/2023

Fisheries data and the state of our fish stocks

How healthy are 'our' fish stocks in 2023? What is sustainable and where do we stand? First the good news. Overfishing in the Atlantic region is declining. This is confirmed by the 2022 report...

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News | 24/08/2021

Ray, Fish of the Year 2021

... of the Sea (ICES): VLAM GeoFish 2021, ILVO

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Co-creation in fisheries

SubjectDetailContact personTechnical tests for fishing methodsTechnically skilled, sea-going partners are available to perform the required expert measurements. This allows for the registration and an...

News | 13/04/2023

After Brexit, a different future for Flanders fisheries

© Vince Bevan | GIFS Interreg project ILVO and VLIZ, together with local actors in Flanders fisheries, are entering into a close collaboration in the framework of the 'Brexit Adjustment Reserve' ...

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News | 24/01/2024

Fisheries make great strides in innovation and sustainability

In recent years, the Belgian fishing industry has made great strides toward more innovative and sustainable fishing. For example, 38 of the 59 active Belgian vessels are already equipped with the data...

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