Co-creation in fisheries

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Technical tests for fishing methods

Technically skilled, sea-going partners are available to perform the required expert measurements. This allows for the registration and analysis of the behavior and catching efficiency of the different fishing methods and nets.


  • Tensiometer: measures the tension in the fishing line with digital recording per second.
  • Underwater camera: high quality video recordings of fishing and other underwater activities.
  • Scanmar, Marport: acoustic equipment for measuring net characteristics during fishing.
Els Vanderperren

Sustainability Review

At the request of companies, organisations or NGOs, sustainability assessments can be drawn up of fisheries and landed fish species. These can be used for buyers/clients to highlight the sustainability (or not) of the type of fishing for each fish species. These sustainability assessments also serve as a reliable guideline to award additional quality marks or labels. They can be drawn up to meet the client’s requested profile and needs and take account of the fisheries management, the fish stock and the fishing method.

Arne Kinds

Experimental fishing gear and scale models

Skilled net makers and scientists calculate the characteristics of experimental fishing gear. Scale models can also be made which can be tested, by means of experiments in flume tanks. An experienced team, consisting of a skipper, a net specialist and a scientist, guarantees that reliable advice is given.Els Vanderperren
Analysis of fishery catchILVO observers can register and analyze each tow aboard commercial fishing vessels around the clock and in accordance with standardized statistical procedures. Similar work is also carried out on the authority of other international research centers (for instance aboard other research vessels).

Els Vanderperren
Evaluating fishing methods and fishing gear

Upon request, a team of skilled ecologists and scientists can evaluate various types of fishing gear and fishing methods in terms of selectivity and environmental impact, either in synergy with other institutes or not. To this end a detailed analysis can be made per fishing method of the short, medium and long-term environmental impact.

Els Vanderperren
Technical support and coordination of fishery experiments.

On the basis of extensive practical and theoretical experience and an existing network of contacts, this technical support can be provided fairly quickly and smoothly. This can be done both nationally and internationally, for commercial vessels as well as for other research centres, professional organisations or bodies. A flexible team can be called on to perform both desk and field work, whenever and wherever necessary.

Els Vanderperren
Rental of installations for marine experiments

At ILVO, various recirculation systems are available in which exposure experiments (contaminants or other stressors), feeding trials, survival tests, and trawl tests can be done, or in which innovative aquaculture designs and techniques (e.g. sanitation) can be evaluated.

Hans Polet (technical fisheries installations)

Johan Robbens (chemical exposure tests)

Kris Hostens (exposure testing for non-chemical stressors)

Scientific diving

ILVO has an experienced and dynamic team of divers trained in techniques for scientific diving activities. This team receives regular advanced training according to the regulations of the Belgian Working Group on Scientific Diving (BWGSD).
Daan Delbare

Your ILVO guarantee

  • Scientifically-based solutions
  • Individual and/or co-creative guidance for innovation trajectories
  • Confidential treatment of your question
  • Clear and easy-to-interpret results that are applicable to day-to-day operations
  • Technological support for various farm processes

Transparency regarding animal trials

In order to increase the transparency of the animal experiments carried out, ILVO, together with the "European Animal Research Association" (EARA) and 23 other Belgian public and private research institutions, drew up and signed the "Statement in support of animal research in Belgium and a transparent approach" in April 2016.

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