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Research projects

The development of new modules Smartdots for the ICES community

The aim of this project is to develop a series of additional SmartDots modules, particularly on maturity determinations of fish and for counts and measurements of fish eggs and larvae. Until now, the SmartDots platform has mainly been used for quality assurance around fish age assessment.

Research projects

Alternative dewormers for organic laying hens

However, there is a possibility that due to adaptations of European Legislation, a minimum of 48 hours after treating with flubendazole is needed as time frame to sell these eggs as biological ones. This will affect the income of the farmers.

Research projects

Mobile housing systems for laying hens and broiler chickens

This research aims to increase our empirical knowledge about the behaviour and welfare of poultry, production performance and system profitability, innovative agricultural systems (combining free-range with plant/crop production), landscape management, environmental impact, and food safety (such as heavy metals and dioxins in eggs).

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Allergen analyses

Contact: Isabel Taverniers ILVO can detect food allergens of vegetable origin (soy, nuts, mustard, etc.) and animal origin (milk, eggs, fish and shellfish) in a variety of samples, a PCR based method (polymerase chain reaction) and/or an ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) based method are used.

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