Animal Related Analyses (ANIMALAB)

Quality control is an important element in the constant pursuit of integrated and sustainable quality assurance in animal and human nutrition. This covers several aspects:

  • Composition and product quality of cattle feeds.
  • Composition of animal end-products, such as eggs, milk, and meat

Accurate and reliable analyses are extremely important for the governmental bodies in charge of policy as well as the fish and cattle feed industry, private aquaculturists and animal farmers. For this reason, the ILVO Animal Sciences Unit has grouped all of its testing laboratories into the ANIMALAB, short for the Animal Marine Laboratory. Each of these laboratories works according to the criteria of the NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This standard, and the more general Belgian accreditation system (‘BELAC’), gives laboratories, certification institutions and the inspecting organisation the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and gain credibility at the national and international levels. The scope of these accredited analyses can be consulted on the BELAC website under certificate number T-315.


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> BELAC scope T-315



Animal feed
Weende components, sugars, fatty acids, etc.

See the overview here

BloodParameters such as haptoglobin, cortisol, hematocrit, etc.

See the overview here

Feces, urine, intestinal fluid

Parameters such as ammonia, pH, lactic acid and fatty acids, etc.

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Animal-related end-products (egg, milk, meat)

Parameters such as protein, creatinine, etc. enz.

See the overview here.


Parameters such as fat, protein and fatty acids, etc.

See the overview here.

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Transparency regarding animal trials

In order to increase the transparency of the animal experiments carried out, ILVO, together with the "European Animal Research Association" (EARA) and 23 other Belgian public and private research institutions, drew up and signed the "Statement in support of animal research in Belgium and a transparent approach" in April 2016.

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