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Biodiversity in and on the sea floor

The Belgian North Sea is a small but very interesting area in terms of biodiversity. Much of it is found in and on the sea floor. However, the marine ...


Biodiversity and ecosystem services in relation to agriculture

...ther with UGent investigated the link between landscape and functional agrobiodiversity with the help of citizen scientists and their 40 square-met...

The observations in the gardens and the interactions between volunteers influence support for rural biodiversity.



...r cities and towns, less CO2 storage by plants and the soil, and a loss of biodiversity. Desealing provides more space for nature and f...



...tter content and by stimulating soil life closing nutrient cycles more biodiversity, including those which are functional for agricultural operat...



... water quality. Together with phosphates, it causes toxic algal blooms and biodiversity loss in watercourses and coastal areas (eutrophication). Ni...



ILVO studies the impact of agroforestry systems on soil quality, water, climate, biodiversity, and (crop) yield.

...y knows that trees provide a lot of services to society such as: Increased biodiversityMore carbon storage in the soilMitigating the effects of cli...


Soy the increasing demand for soy. Deforestation causes a loss of biodiversity, erosion problems, climate change, and also social problems for the...


Soil health

...system services such as climate regulation, richer below- and above-ground biodiversity, better water management, etc.


Plant health

A changing climate, loss of biodiversity due to human activities, and increased international trade mean that our crops are more threatened by disease...

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