Research project Climate neutral enterprises through carbon storage in agroforestry


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General introduction

The aim of this project is to enable CO2 compensation through agroforestry projects. This is done at a number of East-Flemish farms and for the benefit of a number of East-Flemish companies and citizens. The concrete question is how much C-storage can be realized through agroforestry, what the drawbacks are, and the pratical arrangements required for the marketing.

Research approach

The potential C sequestration of East-Flemish farms will be estimated through literature study, field measurements and simulations using CARAT (CARbon Agroforestry Tool). In addition, landowners and farmers will be informed about the possibilities of CO2 compensation through agroforestry and about the findings of the current project (a.o. through the production of an extended manual). Six cases are launched in which farmers will be guided through their agroforestry implementation and a cooperation is started with companies interested in CO2 compensation.


Think global, act local: this project will shift the focus of CO2 compensation from foreign projects to local initiatives. In this process, new earning models for agriculture are explored in a participatory manner with attention to climate, soil and biodiversity. Finally, the possibility to sequester carbon via agroforestry will be included in the Treecological platform.