Research project ERA-NET Cofund on Sustainable Crop Production

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General introduction

The ERA-Net Cofund SusCrop is implemented under FACCE-JPI, the European Joint Programming Initiative focusing on agriculture, food security and climate change. The aim of SusCrop is to strengthen the European Research Area by developing and strengthening sustainable crop production research, by more harmonisation of data collection methods and by drawing up a strategic roadmap for sustainable crop production research for the coming years.

Research approach

In total, 33 international partners from 28 states will collaborate in this research network and develop a short- and long-term strategy for sustainable crop production. ILVO will coordinate the communication tasks in this network. This implies communicating and disseminating the cofunded call and its research results. In 2019, ILVO will organize a workshop on methods for assessing sustainability and resilience. ILVO is also responsible for setting up an outreach seminar for international cooperation.


The international research network SusCrop may prove its added value by providing new insights and ways of sustainable crop production with increased productivity. These are highly needed to maintain food security, meet the growing demand for industrially used biomass and at the same time maintain a healthy environment, natural habitats and biodiversity. In the course of 2018, the cofunded call was launched and closed, which was the first call for research projects.


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