Research project Boon voor Leuven: a small-scale chain for plant-based proteins

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General introduction

In the context of protein diversification, farmers want to respond to the market demand for more plant-based proteins produced regionally. But often the producer lacks a clear market perspective. On the other hand, the food processing industry and consumers lack information on the possibilities with locally produced protein crops but we currently lack the necessary intermediate stakeholders to process local raw materials into new food products is lacking. With the project 'Boon voor Leuven' we aim at a small-scale chain in the region of Leuven.

Research approach

In this project, we map the demand for protein-rich crops for human consumption in Leuven so that we can carefully build the chain. We opt for a mixed cropping system of oat with yellow peas, field beans or lupin. We are looking for the necessary intermediaries to get from the primary raw material to a marketable product in the local chain in and around Leuven. Through a makeathon we seek inspiration for products in which these local products can be processed.


The 'Boon voor Leuven' project aims at a local, short chain, connecting local farmers in and around Leuven with local sales networks and processing companies (including catering). By focusing on a mixed cultivation of oats and a legume (yellow pea, field bean and lupin), we aim to diversify plant protein crops in an agro-ecological concept of mixed cultivation. It provides knowledge for farmers who are looking for ways to increase biodiversity, reduce crop protection and fertilizers and strengthen a piece of entrepreneurship toward marketing these commodities (yellow pea, field bean, lupin and oats) in a regional value chain.


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